Tuesday, 29 March 2011


        I am currently an employee of TCS and work in the reviews of loans department. TCS has various knowledge management softwares that need to be used by their employees. Ultimatix is one of them. It is a TCS software which is accessible only by internal TCS employees by means of a unique name and password to login to the Ultimatix website.

Ultimatix is the platform TCS uses to consolidate internal systems and take advantage of group knowledge.

It is an application that maintains user specific data of employees namely application for leave, paycheck, time sheets etc.

It comprises of various useful features depending on job profile and user specific.For more clarity i have mentioned a few features that are used by me.
Time sheet: in simple terms it is the place where I mark my attendance every month. We have to update the hours we have worked and the breaks we have taken.
Leave Management: We are provided an entire section where we can manage and apply for our leaves. This avoids the conventional way of applying for leaves through an email, where keeping track of the leaves applied is difficult. Here we have a whole history of the leaves applied for, approved etc. so we can keep track of our yearly leaves.
Pay slips: We get our pay slips on ultimatix. We can check for previous month’s pay slips and download the same. Rather that receiving them via email we can just run a search for which ever month we wish to view the pay slip for.
Appraisal Management: Our appraisals too are done from Ultimatix. During appraisals we have to provide our ratings on the goal sheet of this site. Where we rate ourselves 1st and upload it, then our managers give us their ratings for us.

There is a section for entertainment where quizzes that are created by us employees are posted and solved. Quizzes on general topics like movie, music, general knowledge etc.

Ultimatix is like a TCS magazine, it gives use various news going on around all TCS across nations. There are articles put by CEOs and Department Heads on various things happening in and out of TCS projects.

Ultimatix is a way the HR and Higher Management communicates to use and we to them. Right from job vacancies to IJPs, the new rules or HR activities is done through Ultimatix as it is accessible to each and every employee.

In this way it gives us a total overview of our company and thus keeps each employee in loop of their individual data as well as general TCS information.